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Eric's Gutter Service is located in Chappaqua, NY and currently serves Westchester County and Southern Connecticut

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Drainage issue?  Ask Eric about sewer camera service to diagnose your issue

Gutter Installations

Gutter Repairs

Gutter Guards & Gutter Covers


In order to better serve our custsomers  and focus on our core gutter and drain   business, Eric's Gutter Service Inc.            will not be accepting new roof jobs          during the 2019 season.                                                                                                                                                                                

Roof Repairs

Do you have a roof leak that you just can't seem to figure out? Eric's Gutter Service has the expertise to not only locate the cause of your roof leak but also to make the necessary repairs.


Not every leaking roof needs to be fully replaced.  Often a repair can be made which will save you both time and money.

New Roof Installations

When it's time to replace your roof, leave the hard work to Eric's Gutter Service.  They have been installing new roofs for over 15 years and can replace any roof.


  • Asphalt Roofs

  • Flat Roofs

  • Pitched Roofs

Copper & Lead Installation and flashing

Looking to add a little more style to your home?  


Your home's roof does not need to simply be functional.  Rather, a properly installed roof is very important to the home's overall appearance and curb appeal.


Consult with Eric's Gutter Service on installing a new copper or lead roof.

Often times, a leak is not caused by your actual roof but rather by faulty flashing or skylights.


Eric's Gutter Service can diagnose these issues and repair them, saving you the time and expense of replacing your entire roof.


Flashing and Skylight Repairs

New Roof, No Mess.

Using our "New Roof, No Mess" material handling system, roofing debris is neatly contained and transferred from your roof to the recycling plant.  You can be assured that your home will be left as neat and kept as when we arrived. 

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