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About Us:


To maintain our position as the leader in residential, commercial gutter and drain services by solving customer problems better than anyone else — problems that people have in finding professional, fast, dependable, high quality, financially sensible solutions to their home water drainage needs. Each associate will have the isolated responsibility to do whatever is necessary to provide services which are in the best interest of the customer whether or not that interest employs our services.

Eric's Gutter Service Truck in Westchester, NY

Eric's Gutter Service was founded in 1997 by Eric Caoili and contininues to be owned and operated by him today.  Located in Chappaqua, NY, Eric's Gutter Service services Westchester County and Southern Connecticut.


The business was founded with a simple goal - to carry and keep water away from customer's houses and provide the best service at a lower cost by working harder and smarter than anyone else.  


By focusing on Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Intallations & Repairs and Drainage, Eric's Gutter Service is expert in what they do and leverage the newest techniques and technology.


The growth of the business over the past 23 years is a testament to the fulfillment of this goal as the vast majority of growth has been due to the word-of-mouth of satisfied customers.  


Eric and the rest of the Eric's Gutter Service team take your satisfaction as a badge of pride but especially your criticism with resolve.


Thank you for your continued patronage and referrals!


-- Eric


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