4"-8" drains.


Keeping your home, business and property safe from water damage should be a top priority but is not always easy to do. Eric's Gutter Service has been solving complicated water issues for over 17 years and have the necessary equipment and experience to protect your property.

Drainage Consultations

Drainage issues around your house or building

Excessive water




Water can do major damage to your property so it is essential to resolve these issues.  We are expert at figuring out what is causing your issue and prescribing a solution.

Drain Diagnostics & Drainage Repairs

Camera service

Underground Drain mapping

Locating techniques

Isolated drain repair

Drain Clearing 

Drain cleaning

If is is determined that your water issues are caused by faulty drains, Eric's Gutter Service has the tools and expertise to help.  Leveraging a state of the art sewer camera service with a radio frequency locating devices, Eric's Gutter Service pinpoints the location of the drain problem.  This allows them to make a localized repair to avoid any unnecessary disturbance to you.

Drainage Installations

We use our own jack hammers and


...our own routers and snakes...

...and our own drain cameras and diagnostic tools. 

Eric's Gutter Service will create a custom drainage installation tailored specifically to your needs using only high quality materials including schedule-40 type lines and adequately sized Curtain drains and Dry wells.


  • SDR-35 spec. drains used almost invariably

  • 4"-8" Drains

  • Dry Wells

  • Curtain Drains

  • French Drains

  • Open and Closed ended Systems

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Eric's Gutter Service is located in Chappaqua, NY and currently serves Westchester County and Southern Connecticut

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Drainage issue?  Ask Eric about sewer camera service to diagnose your issue

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