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Eric's Gutter Service is located in Chappaqua, NY and currently serves Westchester County and Southern Connecticut

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Drainage issue?  Ask Eric about sewer camera service to diagnose your issue

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Eric's Gutter Service Satisfaction Guarantee:

"All service and construction related work is guaranteed to the customer's satisfaction or the work is free!"

To My Customers:


21 years ago, some of you let me work on your homes,


Thank You.


The privilege you granted was taken seriously. You were pledged to receive the highest standard of materials, workmanship, service, professionalism, customer satisfaction and personal accountability available from the knowledge and resources I had at that time.


I simply knew then that so long as I maintained those core values, the company would strengthen and foster a deep sustaining base which would eventually grow into the great service providing company it has become today.


Today, With 21 additional years of experience and carefully re-invested resources, I would like to renew that pledge to each of you.


Any comments to help us improve are greatly appreciated and critical in helping us maintain our status as the local industry leader. Please send comments to:



Eric Caoili

OUR MISSION: To maintain our position as the leader in residential, commercial gutter and drain services by solving customer problems better than anyone else — problems that people have in finding professional, fast, dependable, high quality, financially sensible solutions to their home water drainage needs. Each associate will have the isolated responsibility to do whatever is necessary to provide services which are in the best interest of the customer whether or not that interest employs our services.


Our Philosophy:  Look your best, Do your best, Be your best.  DO all you can, SAVE all you can, GIVE all you can.  With those Blessings we choose to serve God and one another.  We are constantly expanding so that individuals within the organization can realize their potential without bounds.  We advocate these principles we believe good because they are truth.

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